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After spending the past 2 days sleeping-in, it may be hard to look forward to “reality” on Monday. Dreading the beginning of the week is optional. IN fact, whatever you accomplish on Sunday can set the tone for your entire week. I like to think of it as “I’ll thank myself later.”

Schedule a Monday workout

This can be part of planning your workouts for the week (as seen in ___ blog post)

Getting in a good workout is probably the BEST way to set the tone for a motivating week. You will feel good and be more energized to take on any task that is thrown at you.


Don’t think Sundays are the “errands” day

If you aim to get your errands and chores done on Friday or Saturday, your Sunday will improve significantly. With less to worry about on Sunday, the less you will probably dread Monday! 

Go and do something fun for an hour or two, or relax, do yoga.


Plan out some meals you will have for the rest of the week. 

I normally grocery shop on a weekly basis so that I buy less at a time and make sure I am using all of the food that I buy. I always try to buy a protein source (chicken, salmon, etc) that will last for two days at a time. Then I mix and match with different vegetables. It usually helps me to make the vegetables in the oven the day before I plan to eat it - this way I can multi-task while the vegetables are cooking and eat what I already prepared the day before. Another advantage of doing this is to not have leftovers for more than one day at a time - it can get boring and also taste differently after a few days! 


Buy a plant!

Waking up to a plant helps cure your morning blues. It will improve your mood and help you feel more compassionate.

Download a relaxation/meditation app. Prepare to do a meditation at night. I prefer the Calm app :-)


Dim your iPhone lighting around sunset time every night to mentally prepare yourself for sleep. This can be pre-set in your settings.


Avoid stimulants past 4pm. Getting a good night’s sleep on Sunday is extremely important to ensure you have a good week. If you start Monday off on a poor note, the chances that it will “domino” into the rest of the week are very high.

Clean something out in your room. This can be anything, big or small. Closet, desk, bathroom cabinet, etc. You will feel a great sense of satisfaction when just one more piece of your homespace is organized.

"The Secret Of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started."

Mark Twain

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