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Dental School Timeline

Junior Year Fall -Inform Letter of Reference writers about intent -Find a dentist to shadow and establish a weekly schedule (Aim for 20+ hours) -Study for and take the DAT during winter break (This gives you time to take it again if needed) -Think about where to apply -Write your personal statement

Junior Year Spring -Submit necessary information to the health advising office -Drop off a personal files folder to your Letter of Reference writers -Continue shadowing your dentist -Finalize your dental school list -Make final polishes on your personal statement

The Summer -Apply through AADSAS (ASAP when it opens early June) -Study for the DAT and take again if needed (you can apply through AADSAS without a DAT score) -Send in supplemental applications -Check pre-requisites to take senior year as needed

Senior Year -Check application status -Wow them at interviews -Hear back from schools on December 1st -Keep getting good grades !! But have fun & Graduate!


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